5 Places in the Nordics Worth an Extra Stop This Summer

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Is the road your workplace, do you have fixed rest areas, and are you used to adhering to regulations on breaks and driving times? Just remember that it’s equally important to take breaks when driving during the holidays. To combine practicality and pleasure, a much-needed break and the opportunity to discover something new, we have created a list of impressive places to stop and rest.

Here are our Top 5 of places to stop and also enjoy a majestic view, take a dip, savour a delicious coffee or just stretch your legs. Our list includes places in Sweden, Denmark and Norway chosen for their beautiful surroundings, spectacular scenery, eye-popping sights or fun experiences you can enjoy during your break.. 

Azure waters and chalky white beaches in the north


Ramberg Beach, Lofoten – Norway

Along the E10 between Flakstad and Ramberg you will find Jusnesvika, where Ramberg Beach is beautifully situated. The perfect place for a stop if you want to sit down on the grass and gaze upon the majestic mountains surrounding the white Ramberg Beach. Or maybe take a refreshing dip before driving on? The beach and bright blue water are easily accessible from the parking lot.

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60s nostalgia in Norrbotten


Jävre Tourist Centre– Sweden

Nestled amidst the Norrbotten landscape along the E4 south of Piteå lies Jävre. A place that has served as a port into Norrbotten for a long time. A tourist centre was built here in the 1960s to offer tourists all the information, souvenirs, and food they needed. However, in conjunction with the switch from left-hand traffic to right-hand traffic in 1967, the tourist centre unfortunately ended up on the ‘wrong’ side of the road and the tourists did not stop there. Today, the building is once again being used but also serves as a memorial worth stopping at if you appreciate 60s architecture with a futuristic style. The building is also home to an exhibition on motoring and the 1960s, containing everything a sixties nostalgic could hope for.

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Tall mountains and deep valleys in the west


Gaularfjellet Viewpoint – Norway

Travelling over the mountain area of Gaularfjellet, which lies between Dragsvik and Songnefjorden near the famous tourist spot Balestrand, is an experience unto itself. The journey takes you along Highway 13, which winds its way up and through a verdant, dramatic and stunning landscape. After the long ascent, which is 700 metres above sea level from Vetlefjorden, the viewpoint at the summit offers a magnificent unobstructed view over the mountains and deep valleys. The viewpoint and rest area are designed to provide an unforgettable experience of the beautiful landscape through which you journey.

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Beach life on four wheels on North Jutland


Løkken Beach – Denmark

Being able to drive all the way up to the shoreline and park for a much-needed break from driving sounds too good to be true. But it’s possible in Løkken on North Jutland. It’s worth planning a long break here for swimming and coffee on an amazingly beautiful sandy beach. For several years, the beach has been designated a Blue Flag Beach, which means the water is clean with good facilities on the shore. Plus, if you fancy yourself a master sandcastle builder, you can test your abilities in a competition held at Løkken Beach. If you’re more the adventurous sort, there are opportunities to try both wind and kite surfing.

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Castle ruins on the ridge


Brahehus – Sweden

If you drive along the shore of Lake Vättern in the summer, you can stop at Brahehus, north of Gränna. Here you can experience a bit of history while stretching your legs and exploring the old castle ruins located on the edge of Grännaberget, approximately 90 metres above the water. If history and castle ruins are not your thing, simply unpack your parcel full of the candy canes you bought in Gränna and sit down to enjoy sweeping views of Lake Vättern and Visingsö.

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