5 articles from 2022 about the transportation industry you should read

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Stay tuned – here are the top 5 blog posts from The Strong Connection Blog. 

What happened in 2022?

Those of us in the blog editorial staff are bidding farewell to an inspiring and informative year. A year in which we were finally able to go out and meet our users at trade fairs around the world. A year full of interesting discussions that push for a more sustainable transport industry. A year in which we launched our new innovative driver assistance system VBG Driver Assist.  

We look ahead towards a sustainable transport sector

Going into 2023, we are looking forward to participating in more initiatives that, in various ways, are aimed at accelerating the transition towards more sustainable solutions in the transport sector. We already have a lot of exciting new topics for next year for which we will be sharing our knowledge and insights.

When it comes to safety, innovation, and profitability in the transport industry, sustainability can be one of several watchwords for 2023. Since 1951, we have been working towards sustainable solutions for safer transport on our roads. 

However, before we say thank you and goodbye to 2022, and before we ring in the new year, we want to share the most read blog posts from this past year. 

Stay tuned – here are the top 5 blog posts from The Strong Connection Blog. 

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What is the Maximum Permitted Weight and Length for Freight Transport in the Nordics?

Regulations on the length and weight of freight transport differ significantly in the Nordic countries.

10 Questions and Answers About Trailer Couplings From VBG

Do you wonder why all trailer clutches from VBG are red? Maybe you’ve been wondering what VBG means? Or why VBG coupling bolts come in 57mm as standard? You need wonder no more! We have the answers to your queries right here! 

The Right Way to Couple a Trailer

Every truck driver knows how to couple a trailer. But not everyone knows the best and safest way to do so. Do you?

What is the Second Moment of Area?

How do increasing requirements relating to second moment of area affect the structural design of vehicles?

How Do You Keep Your Coupling Equipment in Top Condition?

To increase safety, save time, and improve your profitability, all that’s needed is a simple visual check, along with cleaning and lubrication. Check your coupling equipment often.


We want to thank you, our blog subscribers, for a wonderful year together – see you in 2023!


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