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Tips to make coupling trailers easier

Every truck driver knows how to couple a trailer. But not everyone knows the best and safest way to do so. Do you?

Establish good routines

Some drivers are so experienced that they don’t need to think much about the various steps involved when coupling a trailer, they just do it automatically. However, others may not be as experienced and require a little extra time to think through what needs to be done and to actually manoeuvre the truck. 

When we speak to different drivers, it becomes apparent that there are a number of differences in how they couple trailers. Everyone should, of course, be able to couple a trailer the way that works best for them, as long as it is done safely. Ultimately, an approach focused on safety is the most important routine.

Getting it right from the start

Before becoming so familiar with the procedure that you can couple a trailer in your sleep, it is good to practice and get used to the different steps. This will allow you to adopt the right routines from the start. To help in this, we have created a guide with instructions and tips to make coupling trailers easier. The guide shows you the exact steps to carry out (and in which sequence) to ensure that coupling is as fast, simple and safe as possible.

How to make coupling trailers easier

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