Keep Your Coupling Equipment in Top Condition

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Check your coupling equipment often. To increase safety, save time, and improve your profitability, all that’s needed is a simple visual inspection, along with cleaning and lubrication.

Follow the simple checklist to make sure your VBG equipment, such as the coupling, drawbeam, drawbar, drawbar eye, endplates and locking pins, is in good working order. Doing so will extend the service life of the products, and you can avoid costly repairs, minimise the risk of downtime, and increase traffic safety on our roads.

Daily maintenance

Get in the habit of going through these simple equipment checks before the workday begins.

  • Check the locking pin function.

    • When the coupling is open, the red part of the locking pin visibly protrudes. If you have remote control, you must also check that a red light is on in the cab.
    • The locking pin goes in when the coupling is closed. If you have remote control, you must also check that a green light is on in the cab.
  • Clean trailer coupling.

    • Wipe the bolt and wear plates to extend the service life of the coupling.
  • Perform a visual inspection of the following parts to detect deformations, cracks or other damage.

    • Drawbar and drawbar eye
    • Drawbeam
    • Endplates
    • Guiding funnel on the coupling

Weekly maintenance

When you park your vehicle for the weekend and wash away the week’s road grime, it’s time to check that your coupling equipment is in good condition.

  • Clean and lubricate


  • Measure wear on your coupling equipment. Stated wear measurements can be found in the checklist.

    • Perform a visual inspection of your coupling’s wear plates and bushings to ensure that the wear is evenly distributed.
    • Check the bolt dimensions with VBG’s wear gauge
    • Measure the wear on the drawbar eye and its wear ring. to ensure that the dimensions remain within specified limits.
    • Check the wear on the lower jaw bushing.


Start the year by establishing a good routine to keep your coupling equipment in good condition. Remember that a well-maintained and serviced trailer coupling increases the safety of drivers as well as other road users.


Download the checklist and share it with your colleagues!


Would you like more tips on how to best take care of your coupling?


Increase service life and reduce major repairs!

Together we can increase safety on our roads.

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