10 Tips to Increase Road Safety for Truck Drivers

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Do you sit behind the wheel of one of the 120,000 trucks that roll on Swedish roads every day? Do you have a varied work environment? Are you used to dealing with unexpected situations, unpredictable fellow road users, weather, and road conditions? Do you adhere to driving times and do you quickly come up with good solutions to do your best work? If this sounds familiar, you are surely a truck driver and feel it’s important to have a safe and secure work environment - and we feel the same. Here are 10 tips on things you can do to drive safely in traffic among fellow road users.

Avoid risks - adhere to rules and procedures

For various reasons, it can sometimes be tempting to bend the rules and not follow procedures. For instance, you may feel alert even though you have not slept that well. And surely it isn’t that big a deal to skip lunch and step on the gas to try and make up for lost driving time? Never push the limits of safety - neither your own nor that of fellow motorists! If you always put safety first, you will not be as stressed when other things cause trouble. Even though a delay can be a major problem, it is still nothing compared to what may happen if you take unnecessary risks to avoid it.

10 simple safety measures for you and your fellow road users

1. Prepare yourself and the truck before rolling out on the roads

Vehicle inspection

As a driver, it is your responsibility to check that tyres, brakes, and lights are in a safe and good condition for each shift.

2. Check the load

Safe loads on our roads

Make sure it is securely fastened and evenly distributed to avoid imbalances and potential hazards while driving.

3. Be cautious of dangerous fatigue

You need to rest

So be responsible and take your regular breaks. As a truck driver, it is crucial that you are well rested in order to focus and react quickly when necessary.

4. Keep a safe distance

Count reaction time

You can help to increase safety by ensuring that there is plenty of space between your truck and other vehicles. This will give you the right conditions to handle heavy braking or other unexpected traffic situations that may arise. Don’t forget to use equipment such as mirrors and cameras to reduce the risk of accidents when changing lanes.

5. Weather on the roads

Adjust your speed according to the weather conditions.

Rain, snow, and slippery roads demand reduced speed. Weather conditions can change quickly, so again, pay attention.

6. Get help from technology

For your sake and that of your fellow motorists.

Safety features and driver-assist systems for trucks are becoming increasingly commonplace. They can make your job safer and easier when driving at high speed on motorways, in city traffic, when reversing, or when you need to turn your truck and trailer around with other road users nearby. Use rear view cameras, side-collision detectors, and VBG Driver Assist to prevent accidents and injuries.

7. Your mood and flexibility

Manage stress and road rage.

Your job is to keep calm. Avoid aggressive driving even in stressful situations to reduce the risk of accidents and conflicts with other drivers. Always have a Plan B for your workday.

8. Take care of yourself!

If you feel good, you will drive well. Your job requires you to be healthy and attentive. You know what promotes your well-being, so make sure to move around regularly and let your heart and muscles work. Choose foods that give you energy and prioritise your sleep.

9.Keep hands on the wheel

Communicate and cooperate

Stay in contact with other drivers and your employer in a safe manner when sharing important information. It is forbidden to use mobile phones while driving, but this remains a widespread traffic problem. So leave your phone alone and keep your hands on the wheel.

10. Shared responsibility for road safety

Do the best you can

Read up about what applies and stay up to date. Working with safety never finishes. Achieving the goals of the Vision Zero initiative requires shared responsibility for safety on our roads - and you can contribute to this.

Share your knowledge and experience

Support and help your colleagues on the road to improve safety in the industry and reduce road accidents.

Safety above all

We are care about those of you who keep Sweden rolling. And for you to be able to do your work, we will do ours. As a truck driver who works every day on our roads, you should be safe and secure on the job. That’s why we’ve been working with safety for over 70 years.

Check your coupling equipment before you drive, make coffee for your thermos, roll out, and enjoy the freedom behind the wheel.

Download VBG’s quick checklist for your coupling!Download VBG’s simple checklist

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