Efficiency, electrification, and sustainability

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Sustainable solutions that help achieve climate goals. Innovative solutions that meet real customer needs. These two important topics were the focus of IAA TRANSPORTATION 2022, the world’s largest trade fair for mobility, transport and logistics. We were in attendance to monitor the industry and to showcase VBG Driver Assist  and the new generation of connectors.

The future of the transport industry is electric

The transport industry’s challenges are increasing year by year with demands for increased energy efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint. But how will these goals be achieved? The fair was teeming with products, services, and innovations promoting climate neutrality, and the general view is that electromobility is part of the solution. Most exhibitors had identified that the key to securing the industry’s future is to find balance between efficiency and sustainability. There were several examples of how this can be achieved, both from the large OEMs to smaller up-and-coming companies, which had different and interesting innovative solutions that may shape the future of the industry.

The smart generation – digital safety functions

We demonstrated VBG’s new generation of smart couplings and our new digital driver assist system, VBG Driver Assist at IAA TRANSPORTATION. It’s a brand-new system based on radar technology through which the truck senses the position of the drawbar and then warns the driver when there is a risk of jackknifing as well as guides the driver during coupling. The system contributes to greater safety for the driver, saves time during coupling, and reduces the risk of unnecessary repair costs.


Time to digitise to optimise

We have carried out previous trendspotting in the transport industry at Elmia Lastbil and Commercial Vehicle Show, and everything points towards the fact that connected services already play a crucial role in maximising customers’ profitability, and this role will only increase. It involves data-driven services that help the person responsible for the vehicle fleet  to have a holistic view of their business. These digital services provide good conditions for working with smart preventive measures for vehicles, cargo, and drivers. This includes collecting, processing, and analysing data to be able to make the right decisions at the right time throughout the transport chain.

Together we are transforming the transport industry

“The industry is resolutely driving the greatest transformation in its history,” said Hildegard Müller, President of the German Association of the Automotive Industry, in her opening speech at the fair. This major transformation was also one the topics debated during the week’s seminars and panel discussions. Questions about whether hydrogen and/or electrification is the best solution; different thoughts, perspectives, and ideas about how the ‘Last Mile’ challenge will be solved and how intermodality and digital services can contribute to achieving the transport industry’s goals; as well as several good examples of how to take advantage of the potential offered by digitalisation and electrification and how this in turn has a positive impact on the last line at the customer.

With intelligent transport solutions, more digitalisation, and reduced CO2 emissions, as well as the pursuit of climate neutrality, the industry is taking great strides towards tomorrow’s sustainable solutions. “The transport and logistics industries are now taking innovation out onto the road – the quest for climate neutrality is fully underway.” – Hildegard Müller.

Opportunities for the future

Working together with you, we are developing innovative solutions to improve safety on our roads. We are full of ideas, but would love to know what future opportunities you see. If you have any thoughts or ideas about this, please contact us!

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