Optimisation, Sustainability and Safety in Focus

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Last week, we were one of the exhibitors at the Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham. After years of waiting, it felt great to once again experience a bustling trade fair floor, to answer your interesting questions, and to showcase our new products. We took the opportunity to check out the other exhibitors to see what trends and developments are currently underway in the transport industry.

The transport industry’s new digital playing field

Global developments are advancing rapidly, and everything is in greater demand. Requirements on precision and regulations on sustainability are also facts of life. But how can transport companies respond to these requirements, regulations, and preferences while still maintaining profitability in their business?

One part of this is, of course, electrification to create more sustainable transport from an environmental and energy perspective. But the industry trend that was most prominent at the Commercial Vehicle Show was smart digital products. Products that are all trying to fulfil identified needs in the market. Smart digital products and services that help minimise downtime and keep truck rigs in very good condition to prevent unwelcome repairs.

Data enables the right decisions at the right time

In order for these smart digital products to solve industry challenges, most of the products are developed using large volumes of collected data. The type of valuable data that is of interest to collect enables a business to extensively predict and plan operations. For example, data on vehicle diagnosis to plan servicing and reduce the risks of unforeseen repairs, or the vehicle fleet’s fuel consumption so that steps can be taken and drivers can be trained on how to drive more economically to reduce total costs. To sum up, the major trend revolves around obtaining a full overview of day-to-day operations in order to achieve multi-level optimisation.

Fleet management systems for a safe, efficient, and profitable business

Digital services make life easier for everyone in the haulage industry: mechanics, drivers, and vehicle owners. The more details a fleet manager knows about their vehicle fleet and can obtain from data, the smarter the decisions that can be made for the future. To manage the amount of data you collect, many different fleet management systems are offered with different add-ons. Various companies and products offer customised services, such as support that helps you as a vehicle owner stay up to date with regulations. Digital networks in the industry, collaborations with workshops where your vehicles are located. Different types of direct lines to insurance companies, inventory support, and other services that can add value so that you can manage, monitor, and optimise your business. We have previously written about this. The ability to determine, among other things, positioning, servicing needs, and fuel consumption through a fleet management system helps to create a safer, less stressful, and more sustainable environment on the roads. As a result, transport operators are better able to boost their productivity and profitability.


VBG’s new products and digital solutions

During the Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham, VBG showcased the new smart generation of couplings and we offered a glimpse of VBG Driver Assist, which will launch in the autumn. The new coupling generation and new digital functions are all developed in close collaboration with both hauliers and drivers. The system is based on two things – one is that, as a driver, you will save time through fast and secure coupling. The second is to be warned in advance to prevent jackknifing damage to the vehicle rig. The new VBG Driver Assist functions therefore contribute to a safer working environment for the driver and reduced repair costs.

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