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The new year is fast approaching, and with it a new decade which will hopefully offer new, exciting challenges. However, before we ring in the new year, we feel it’s apt to sum up the best things that happened this past year.


Those of us in VBG’s blog editorial department think 2019 has been an inspiring and intense year, which included the introduction of a new regulation for underrun protection. The new regulation, UNECE R58 revision 3, has served as the basis for the new products we launched in the autumn. Clarifying how the new regulation affects those of you operating in the automotive industry has been one of our ambitions this past year. We also provided you with smart and practicable tips on how to drive safely in the dark, how to boost profitability in your business, and how to couple and decouple trailers easily and correctly. Next year, we will be sharing our knowledge and insights on an array of exciting new topics. 

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Our ambition with the blog is to be able to share our knowledge of, insights into, and thoughts about the automotive industry in general and heavy transport in particular. But we want to know what you’re interested in! What would you like to read about in 2020? Are there any current developments or topics you want us to write about?

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Thank you for 2019 and Happy New Year!

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