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The supply of spare parts is an important part of the aftermarket where suppliers can have a positive impact on their customer relationships by supplying road-safe products at the right time and in the right place. Let’s look at how spare parts supply works at one of our distributors.

Spare parts streams that ensure supply reliability

VBG runs field tests out on the roads to test features and properties in their proper user environment over a longer period of time. Field test

To gain insight into how VBG’s distributors work with VBG’s spare parts products, we spoke with Kevin Nasser at Volvo Truck Center in Hisingsbacka, Gothenburg. Kevin has plenty experience of spare parts, having worked with them for 12 years, and knows exactly what a well-functioning spare parts stream looks like. He underscores the importance of a high degree of reliability in the supply of spare parts. This involves ensuring that the right things get to the end customer, which cultivates trust and good customer relationships. 


Superb support

To make it simple and straightforward for our distributors to place spare parts orders, VBG continuously works to improve and further develop the website, which is something that Kevin appreciates: You can easily find information about the products as well as the part numbers. So that’s usually where we start before we place an order. I also feel that VBG provides a superb support service which you can contact to get help with special customisation options or requests. And the specific product training courses offered by VBG are usually very informative and useful.”

Kevin reiterates the importance of secure supply chains for his own operations and Volvo Truck Center’s customers:
“Fast deliveries are very important since everything must happen quickly so that the trucks don’t stand still. We also make sure to have consumables in stock so that we don’t run out. This provides us and our customers with extra peace of mind.”

Smart spare parts supply

There are different needs when it comes to spare parts, such as supplying spare parts that are requested daily and spare parts that users expect to find directly on the shelf. In the stores that Kevin works with, there is great demand for consumables, such as electro-oils, electrical cables, and electrical connectors. “We sometimes have special offers and promotions on popular spare parts products, and then it’s important to have well-stocked shelves to meet user demand.”

Plan ahead to minimise downtime

When it comes to meeting users’ needs and building customer relationships in the workshops, Volvo Truck Center works actively to anticipate servicing needs. They do this to minimise downtime and to make it easier for users to plan their operations based on the truck’s servicing needs.

“An example of this is our Volvo system VOSP, which gives us an overview of customers’ trucks. For example, it allows us to see when an air filter needs changing or when it’s time for different services. We then contact the customer and book a time in the workshop. This is appreciated since planning ahead often saves time,” says Kevin.

When asked what he thinks VBG should further develop in order to provide even better support to our distributors, Kevin considered the question for a good while before answering:
“It would be great if the VBG 795 coupling could be connected to VOSP so that we can see when it’s time for the coupling to be serviced and so on.”

But he also mentions the example when VBG recently launched the new coupling program and associated spare parts. With the launch, Kevin has experienced very positive reception regarding associated spare parts products. One example of a change that came with the launch relates to the VBG 795 trailer coupling, where we are now switching to the new mechanism, version 3, even though we have version 2 of the coupling model. For the sake of flexibility, we will continue to supply the version 2 mechanism for a period of time. This solution is designed to suit our distributors’ operations and to meet the needs of our users.

Development and responsibility

As a supplier, it is important to be able to deliver your products on time and with a complete solution that suits the buyer. VBG always develops spare parts solutions to meet the needs of distributors’ spare parts departments and workshops.

As a manufacturer, we are responsible for providing our partners with a holistic concept. It starts with identifying a product need that then moves on to the drawing board. Finally, the product is field tested thoroughly, after which it is manufactured and then launched on the market. VBG is responsible for training distributors and then updating their stock with the relevant spare parts.


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