How Can I Extend the Life of My Vehicle?

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In capital-intensive industries such as haulage and transport, the term TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is frequently mentioned. TCO is a critical key factor and is often used as a strong background factor in financial calculations of a haulage company’s operations. In the transport industry, the concept can have many meanings, ranging from new investments into vehicles to the availability of spare parts and servicing. We will take a closer look at spare parts availability and examine the impact it can have on a haulage company’s income-generating operations.

Buy new or repair – which is most profitable for my company?

After a number of years, a haulage company must consider investing in new vehicles. Making this investment at the right point in time is certainly the best solution for the long term, but, in troubled times, it may be preferable to postpone the decision and extend the service life of existing vehicles. In such a situation, easy access to servicing and good availability of spare parts are crucial parameters that must function in the aftermarket. It can then be said that the high availability of spare parts is equal to financial security, since vehicles can continue to roll on the roads and continue to generate income for the transport company.

Why is access to the right spare parts important?

Your truck consists of many different original parts, not only parts that the OEM vehicle manufacturer uses, but also original bodywork parts and parts from component manufacturers that are used in the finished product.

Using original spare parts is not only beneficial in terms of the product being tested and manufactured for its specific purpose, it also ensures that your product satisfies the requirements for any warranties and retains its certification. Plus, high product durability leads to increased sustainability in society through reduced environmental impact. And this contributes to greater financial results for your haulage company!

Here at VBG, we believe it should be straightforward and easy to find spare parts when you need them. That’s why we have created a new Spare Parts Portal accessible to everyone. You can always rest assured that you will receive VBG’s original spare parts along with all the necessary documentation, such as mounting instructions and certificates.

If you’re curious about the Spare Parts Portal, you can explore it right now!

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