5 articles about the transportation industry you should read!

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We sum up the year by giving you informative reading endorsed by our experts.

1. New Regulations for Underrun Protection

What applies to underrun protection from 1 September 2021? And how do the new regulations affect bodybuilders?

2. Reduce the Risk of Jackknifing

What is jackknifing and what damage can be caused by this unfortunate incident?

3. Is HCT a Profitable Development?

Development is moving towards longer and heavier freight transport vehicles. But why is this desirable?

4. What is the Second Moment of Area?

How is second moment of area calculated? How is a bodybuilder’s structural design affected by increasing requirements relating to second moment of area?

5. What is Whole Vehicle Type-Approval?

Do you need your vehicles to be able to move freely within the EU? Do you want to be able to sell your vehicle in any EU country? Then it’s essential to have whole vehicle type-approval. But what does whole vehicle type-approval actually mean?

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