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Following our webinar, “Familiar on the outside – brand new on the inside”, participants submitted lots of good questions about the new generation of couplings that we did not have time to answer during the webcast. Therefore, we have compiled your questions and our answers about our new products here.

Are the new couplings mounted on the truck in the same way?

Yes, the interface to the drawbeam is the same.

Can I use my own cabling between the coupling and cab?

No, this is a complete system tested and certified with coupling, electronics, air and cabling.

Is it possible to update a version 2 coupling to version 3?

Yes, the mechanism can be replaced using an upgrade kit we have developed.

Can I choose between Jackknife warning and Guiding function when these become available?

Yes, when the functions are released, you can choose either Jackknife warning or Drive assist which includes both Jackknife warning and Guiding.

Is VBG Mechmatic compatible with the new couplings?

Yes, the connection on the mechanism cover has been modified, but will still fit the same system.

Are the same component parts used adjacent to and around the new air servo as for the old one? Do you need any additional new components if you install the new air servo?

The new mechanism, new protective bracket and new servo are not compatible with the old mechanism.

Where on the website can I find instructions for servicing couplings. Driver’s Manual?

Go to your product and click on Documentation/Manuals, where you will find the User Manual, Certification, Mounting instruction and Information drawing.

Is there an exploded view of the new couplings available in printable PDF format?

No not yet.

How is the safety indication into the cab connected? Which truck brands does it fit?

Follow the OEM’s bodywork instructions for connection to the BCM.

Is it possible to get notifications from the BCM via analogue signal?

Yes, analogue signals from the BCM to the vehicle are possible.

Will the Jacknife warning function be developed further so that it also works for tractors with regularly changing towed equipment as you mentioned a “reflector” on the drawbar?

We recommend that you mount reflectors on all towed equipment that requires Jackknife warning.

Does 09-324300 – mechanism VBG upgrade kit contain the BCM, or is this required as a supplement?

The BCM must be ordered separately. The upgrade kit PA_coupling includes: The improved mechanism + CSM sensor for signalling open/closed coupling + protective bracket adapted for existing rotary devices + bushings, wear plates etc. for the new generation.

Do you work together with the vehicle manufacturers in any way to allow cabling for the cab indicator to be integrated in the vehicle’s electrical system?

Yes we do.

Is there any difference between the mounting time for the new and old coupling/electronics?

No, there is not.

Is there a video showing what the Guiding and Jackknife functions will look like that is available now, or will these only be released after New Year?

This does not exist yet, but is on the way. So keep an eye on our website and our social channels.

How much snow can there be on the radar before it stops sensing the drawbar?

In general, the radar works in snow. Field tests have been performed in Norrland with good success.

Will you certify cabling from different vehicle manufacturers to prevent the need to route cabling into the cab?

No, VBG’s cabling is part of a complete system that has been tested and certified with coupling, electronics, air and cabling.

Where can I find the presentation to show my colleagues?

If you our your colleagues have not seen the webinar yet, there is still a chance to do so. The entire session is in Swedish.

If you have any more questions about our new products, you are very welcome to send us your questions using the form.

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