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We all want to feel good. And we all have a bad day sometimes. But for most people, a bad day at work means nothing worse than maybe not getting so much done or that you are just tired and weary. In most professions, there are no serious consequences if you do not feel quite yourself, but there are professions where a bad day can have major consequences. Police officers and pilots for example. It is no coincidence that certain professions require regular health checks and tests to ensure that the individual’s health – both physical and mental – is sufficient to maintain good safety. But what about the truck driver?


The Work Environment Authority’s report 2018:1 shows that professional drivers (transport and machine operating work) is the occupation category that reports the most workplace accidents in relation to the number of employed persons. And it is also the professional drivers who top the statistics on reported workplace accidents with sick leave.

However, “professional driver” is a very broad category, and from a work environment and risk point of view, the working day can differ significantly between different individuals. Long runs on wide motorways is one thing, while constant loadings and unloadings in noisy and hazardous environments is something quite different. One thing, however, applies to all drivers, regardless of what type of driver you are: If you feel good and are in good physical condition, you reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. You can simply deal with unexpected and difficult situations better and avoid unnecessary mistakes, if you are fit and alert.


It may seem obvious to stay in good shape, yet surprisingly many drivers are careless about their own health. For some it may be due to ignorance while it for others may be due to simply prioritizing other things before their own health. 

As long as the statistics show accidents, injuries, wear and sick leave, it must be repeated: Take care of yourself! It is ultimately a safety matter. Your own and others. We have gathered some basic things you should consider in order to feel well in the cab. Please read them.

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