How Can You Reduce the Costs of Jackknifing and Coupling Damage?

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Coupling the trailer and jackknifing are common occurrences for many professional drivers. These situations can result in unnecessary damage to the truck. As the owner or manager of a fleet, how you can reduce these costs as well as unnecessary downtime?

Jackknifing damage

Jackknifing can occur at roadworks, construction sites and in forests when a timber truck reverses on a narrow path and the drawbar folds too close to the truck, causing it to come into contact with other components mounted on the chassis. 

In some cases, you need to jackknife your truck during a job, but if this frequently causes damage, you may need to look for solutions. For example, you can train your staff and install a good camera solution at the back of the truck. But there is now another option available: VBG’s innovative, proprietary driver-assist system VBG Driver Assist, which, among other things, uses audio signals inside the cab to warn the driver before jackknifing damage occurs. The idea is that the system will serve as a support tool and help the driver to focus on the right things in their workday. The system is an optional extra for VBG’s 3rd generation coupling system.

Coupling damage

During coupling, there is a risk of damage to the equipment at the rear of the truck. Workday stress and tight time margins are typical reasons things sometimes go wrong. A camera at the back of the truck can help, but ground height differences, for example, can be difficult to determine using a camera alone. With the VBG Driver Assist system, the driver receives audio-based guidance through clear spoken instructions if the bellows pressure needs to be adjusted to reach the desired height. This results in perfect coupling on the first attempt.  

How much can you save with VBG Driver Assist?

If the endplates, drawbeam, coupling, drawbar eye and drawbar are damaged, repairs may cost up to SEK 50,000 – each. In addition to repair costs, this damage also creates problems relating to the truck’s downtime, delayed customer deliveries, and challenges with logistics and personnel planning. So, by avoiding this type of damage, you can make your workday easier and spare costs.

Important – Damaged caused by jackknifing requires the coupling’s horizontal bolt to always be inspected according to the applicable guidelines “Guidelines for Inspection, Servicing and Maintenance”.

Also remember that VBG’s “Guidelines for Inspection, Servicing and Maintenance” must always be followed for an accurate assessment. It describes how damage inspection and assessment must be conducted, as well as the correct way to carry out servicing and maintenance to ensure the longest possible service life of the products.

Would you like to know more about VBG Driver Assist?

You can learn more about VBG Driver Assist by watching our recorded webinar.

VBG Driver Assist

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