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Since 1 September 2019, Regulation UNECE R58 Revision 3 has been in force for new type-approved vehicles. Now the regulation will also apply to all new registered vehicles from 1 September 2021.

The new UNECE R58 revision 3 regulation amends Regulation No 58 and is based on research studies and an overall safety objective to reduce injuries in collisions. The objective is to ensure a higher level of safety for occupants of passenger vehicles, who are at high risk of serious injury or death if the vehicle they are travelling in collides with the back of a truck or trailer.

What applies to underrun protection from 1 September 2021?

According to UNECE R58 Revision 3, all new registered vehicles must:

  • satisfy requirements relating to greater forces
  • have a lower ground clearance
  • have an increased section height of the rear underrun protection (RUP) cross-member


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The vehicle must be able to withstand greater forces and have a lower ground clearance in order to prevent vehicles from being pushed under the truck or trailer when colliding from the rear. This may sound like a simple matter, but it actually places serious requirements on underrun protection manufacturers.

The new regulation and requirements have a direct effect on components, which must be designed and tested to withstand the greater stresses stipulated in the new regulation. VBG has developed complete and flexible underrun protection systems for variety of vehicle types, frame widths, and installation needs. All components comply with current international regulations and directives.

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