Underrun protection regulations have changed – how does this affect me?

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On 1 September 2019, new regulations concerning underrun protection (UNECE R58 Revision 3) will come into force. The new regulations will affect many operators in the transport industry. If you are currently in the planning phase to replace vehicles, we will help you to determine what applies to you specifically. 

How does R58 affect me?

When these types of new regulations come into force, operators in the industry are affected in different ways. We therefore want to help you to determine what applies to you and your role in the transport industry.

A vehicle owner may be confronted with a choice for which the use of the vehicle plays a crucial role. For others is may involve pricing and design comparisons between the ‘old’ and the ‘new’ underrun protection systems.

Bodybuilders have completely different decisions to make and things to consider due to the new UNECE R58 Revision 3 regulation. Requirements for new underrun protection dimensions and weights may necessitate additional funding at the drawing board for bodybuilders. Furthermore, suppliers must be selected wisely to ensure the products have been tested and certified in accordance with the new regulations.

What applies to vehicles with multi-stage EU-WVTA type approval?

For those of you who build vehicles with multi-stage EU-WVTA type approval: Keep in mind that each stage is, by definition, a new type approval. If you are responsible for underrun protection approval in your process and carry out your part of the type approval after 1 September 2019, the new regulations will apply even if the previous stage in the process was carried out prior to 1 September 2019.

What can I do right now to prepare?

You can start by reading the previous blogs I have written about the new R58 regulation. You can also watch this video in which I explain the changes being introduced in the new underrun protection regulation UNECE R58 Revision 3.

VBG will have an exhibition booth at the Transport & Logistics Trade Fair 2019 in Lillestrøm, Oslo on 26-28 September.  Take the chance to book a personal consultation meeting with one of our experts, who will be able to explain in more detail what applies to you in the new regulations. We will, of course, be showcasing the new range of certified underrun protection systems which comply with the new requirements in R58 Revision 3.

We look forward to seeing you and telling you more!

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