What measures maximise uptime and profitability for haulage contractors?

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We all like appreciation. A pat on the back for a successful job or why not a little extra in the pay packet at the end of the month if you have done something extra good? In our work, we know how important it is to have good drivers who care about their equipment and do their utmost to maximise uptime on the road.  So, as the owner of a haulage company and fleet manager, what can you do to retain your staff and at the same time increase profitability and efficiency? 

Joint responsibility for maintenance

Today's vehicles have functions that give you information on when the vehicle is due for service but over time, things may happen that mean that the vehicle has to be taken for an unscheduled visit to a garage.  By "flagging" within a reasonable time that certain things on the truck need to be replaced, the vehicle manager/haulier can plan better, which results in lower downtime costs.  

As a driver, you may be able to adapt the driving to the location and time of service on the truck, which means that you can plan productivity in a better way and not have to park the vehicle for an unnecessarily long time. To get this kind of understanding from the drivers is worth its weight in gold as it minimises vehicle downtime.  

Simplify to free up time

Aids that make everyday life easier for our drivers and vehicle managers are appreciated by everyone. Something as simple as automatic lubrication of the trailer coupling frees up time and brainpower for the haulier, vehicle managers and drivers. Missing lubrication of the trailer coupling can happen to the best of us. The risk if you forget lubrication is that you instead overflow with oil, which affects both the wallet and the product negatively. Moderation is best. With our automatic lubrication and cleaning system, VBG MechMatic, you ensure that cleaning and lubrication is done, just right and at the right intervals. In addition to reduced maintenance, you also get a trailer coupling that is easy to work with over time if it is cleaned and lubricated.

Become fuel-smart

Another thing that can drive efficiency is to save on fuel/energy in the vehicles.  

Various competitions are organised at hauliers where you become “Fuel Saver of the Month or Year”, something that benefits the individual but also the environment and, of course, the haulage company. Receiving appreciation for planning your driving by reducing how much you brake, planning routes and adjusting your speed, makes you feel good as a driver and get positive feedback.  

3 tips for success: Facilitate, grow together and celebrate success.

These are our concrete tips for what we have experienced that actually works out at hauliers around the country to create a pleasant, efficient and profitable workplace.

  1. Ease the tedious and time-consuming work

  2. Recognise people, ideas and accomplishments

  3. Celebrate success, big or small


As a haulage and vehicle manager, you must constantly be aware of things that can streamline the operation of the haulage company, which has a positive impact on profitability! If you can give positive feedback on things that have happened and reward it with more equipment, or something else that makes work more efficient, it affects the driver's daily job in a positive way.  

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