How can your haulage company be sustainable?

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As an operator in the transport industry, you face new challenges on a daily basis. The challenges vary from haulier to haulier, but there are common concerns that affect the entire industry, such as environmental and sustainability issues. Everyone wants to find ways to solve these issues but, at the same time, they do not want to lose business or profitability. 

Freight transport is predicted to increase by 50% by 2030. Nevertheless, the European Commission has set targets to reduce CO2 emissions by 30%. How can we solve this equation?

What are the current climate trends?

The trucking company Centralen in Tvåstad, Vänersborg, and Trollhättan has set a high environmental goal of being fossil fuel-independent by 2030. Centralen is undertaking this endeavour with 12 other trucking companies, which operate under the collective name TRB. For many years, the motto of the company has been ‘Sustainable Logistics’, which very accurately describes where they are headed. 

 “An ongoing trend in the transport industry is investments into fuels such as LNG and LBG – liquefied natural gas and liquefied biogas. In the past, the focus was almost exclusively on HVO. The heavy vehicle electrification process is favourable and will certainly take off as charging infrastructure becomes more developed. Our job is to be ambassadors and to support and set requirements for our affiliated hauliers so that we can achieve these environmental goals together. It is important to view the challenge as positive – that we are working for something bigger while creating openings for new business opportunities,”
says Niklas Blom, CEO of Centralen.

Niklas Blom Centralen

New technologies & methods driving development

A lot is happening in the road transport sector, which currently accounts for 5% of total CO2 emissions. Renewable fuels, electrification, platooning (vehicles that drive very close to each other using digital control systems, which reduces drag and energy consumption), autonomous vehicles and telematics are a few examples of initiatives being implemented to meet emissions targets by 2030.

How can you, as an individual company owner, contribute to a sustainable society?
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