How Can You Ensure Optimal Uptime For Your Vehicle Fleet?

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Uptime and delivery reliability are key to success as a carrier, but what should you as a vehicle manager consider? How can you create the best conditions for efficiency and profitability?

Maximum uptime, optimal delivery quality, and low total cost

Being sustainable and profitable in your haulage business means being an attractive employer, which will enable you to find and retain skilled drivers. By offering services that customers demand and require, and by ensuring that your transports are on time, you will enjoy long-lasting customer relationships. Last but not least, for your company to survive over time, you must also achieve maximum uptime, optimal delivery quality, and have a low total cost. The challenges are many. But let’s take a closer look at how you can achieve maximum uptime for your vehicle fleet in a smart and hassle-free way. 

Could automation be the solution?

Ensuring the optimal operation of your vehicle fleet hinges on small details. For all these small – but so important – details to fall into place, well-functioning routines are required. For example, drivers who share a vehicle could take responsibility for lubrication and cleaning in order for it to work optimally.

Perhaps you don’t consider those little things that can actually be automated in different ways to avoid unnecessary vulnerability if routines are not followed. As a vehicle manager, you can make your workday more hassle-free through automation, which can provide several advantages.


Two questions you should ask yourself as a vehicle manager if you want to optimise your fleet’s uptime:

  1. Are there steps that can be automated to save time for the driver – time that can instead be used to keep the vehicle rolling?
  2. Can the safety of the driver also be significantly increased with solutions that allow them to avoid leaving the cab unnecessarily?

Automation saves time and money

Automatic lubrication and cleaning of the coupling is convenient for the driver and reduces the need for servicing and maintenance – and thus also costs. The coupling is critical for road safety and requires basic but continuous maintenance to ensure that it works optimally. Installing an automatic lubrication solution increases the value of the investment already made into the coupling solution, since it saves time and hassle for the drivers and extends the service life of the coupling. In turn, this lowers the total cost of ownership and ensures optimal uptime.

The simpler the better

Simplicity and convenience are the most appreciated forms of added value. We have provided five reasons below for why it’s smart and convenient to automate the maintenance of trailer couplings if you want to maximise the uptime of your vehicle fleet.

  • Increased operational reliability
  • Reduced wear
  • Time saving
  • Better conditions for good health in a daily work environment
  • Reduces lubricant oil consumption


We have developed VBG MechMatic to provide this type of automatic maintenance, which offers the measurable benefits listed above. The product lubricates and blows clean the trailer coupling mechanism while you drive. This saves you time and spares you unexpected surprises.

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