VBG’s Industry Monitoring at Herning Transport 2023

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Denmark is planning to reduce emissions with new mileage fees for trucks, and VBG Driver Assist is generating interest – read our trendspotting and insights from the Transport Herning 2023 trade fair.

14 halls, 350 exhibitors, 25,000 visitors. The transport fair in Herning, Denmark, once again attracted many visitors, and VBG participated, of course. Getting the opportunity to meet so many customers in a short period of time and discuss everyday problems and solutions in person is hard to beat. Even though we have become accustomed to communication and customer meetings being more and more digital, it is invaluable to meet in person on occasion. During the trade fair, major truck bodybuilders, OEMs, and smaller computer companies that develop services for the transport industry met politicians and officials who, through daily seminars, shared the latest developments in the industry regarding the Green Transition in Denmark and other topics. 

It became clear to us that a large proportion of the Danish Parliament is committed to meeting the reduction target of 70 percent by 2023, and for this to succeed, major changes are required throughout society, from companies and citizens alike. As part of this work, there is a proposal to introduce a kilometre-based road fee for trucks from 2025. CO2 emissions are expected to decrease by about 0.3 million tonnes by 2025 and 0.4 million tonnes by 2030. At the same time, it will be more expensive to drive in cities such as Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Alborg, which are categorised as environmental zones.

Focus on improvements for fleet owners and drivers

We naturally took the opportunity to showcase the new generation of couplings, which have been given completely new functions thanks to digital technology. Furthermore, the couplings can even be upgraded with additional functions and integrated into the truck’s digital systems. There was also great interest in VBG MFC – the fully automatic coupling is not a new product but is still new to many customers. Customers may be curious about optimising their truck combination since their needs may have changed due to a new type of load or the environments in which they drive, or their business might have expanded resulting in new needs.

Our crowning glory right now is VBG Driver Assist, which is our new innovative system. As a haulage company owner, being able to save time and money is always of interest, and we know that a system that can warn drivers of jackknifing and guide them during coupling can help with this. During the fair, many people attended a demonstration of how the new driver assist system works. 

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