5 advantages of automating trailer coupling maintenance

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It’s human nature to choose the easy way. When it comes to trailer coupling maintenance, the easy way happens to be the right way. We have listed 5 advantages that benefit your workday no matter if you’re a fleet manager or driver.

Minimise unexpected disruption

Unexpected incidents are something that all hauliers and drivers know all about. Despite being aware that these types of operational disruptions may occur, one nonetheless often feels a subconscious inner stress. To make things easier, the industry has been working on various smart solutions for many years to minimise disruptions. Each year that passes sees more trucks rolling on Nordic roads being fitted with automatic lubrication systems for bodywork. Thanks to these smart systems, unexpected incidents are minimised and the vehicle fleet can roll on as planned, which helps steer total company finances in the right direction. 

Driver health – an economic factor

By determining how a driver’s workday can be made easier and more ergonomic, while also reducing time pressure, the risk of unexpected operational disruption can also be reduced. A happy and safe driver delivers safely, securely and on time.

Using automated solutions for maintaining couplings not only safeguards the actual function of the mechanism, but also frees up time from the driver’s busy schedule. Automatic lubrication allows the driver to eliminate a task from their workday without it having a negative impact on the haulage company’s finances. Saving time by allowing simple automated solutions to do the job for you gives you more opportunity to control your workday. The time saved can instead be used to deliver at the promised time. Calmly, safely and securely.

5 advantages of automating trailer coupling maintenance

  • Increased operational reliability
  • Reduced wear
  • Saves time
  • Better conditions for good health in daily work environment
  • Reduces lubricant oil consumption

We have developed VBG MechMatic to provide this type of automatic maintenance, which offers measurable benefits. The product lubricates and blows clean the trailer coupling mechanism while you drive. This saves you time and spares you unexpected surprises. The simpler the better. 

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